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Thickeners improve colour fastness and general wear longevity. They are added to reduce liquidity while printing. Not sure whether you need a synthetic or natural thickener? With long or short rheology? Take a look at our thickeners now, and contact us.

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Avi Print DP R 800 BT

High quality, high concentration thickener. Specifically for the Textile Printing Industry, including reactive printing, acid printing and digital printing
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Avi Print 580A

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Avi Print A

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Avi Visco BAN

Thickening agent for coating application, pigment printing as well as foam pastes or preparation of pad liquors
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Avi Visco GE 6

Thickening agent for carpet printing, space dye and continuous process with high cleanness
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Avi Visco MVN

Thickening agent for non-white spirit or low white spirit pigment printing as well as foam printing pastes
Preparation of pad liquors
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