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Dyes & pigments


Colourful all the way, with Vertexco dyes & pigments

Colour is so important in our daily lives. It can send a message, emphasise individuality and transform a fabric or garment completely. Need your product to do those things? 

Vertexco carries a wide range of textile dyes and pigments in a whole spectrum of shades. There’s something for everyone. From continuous dyes to printing pigments, Vertexco has it all.


Catering to all

For natural, synthetic and even combination textiles – we offer dyes and pigments for all sorts of fibres and weaves, while meeting the highest international quality standards.  

Our dyes and pigments can be used in a broad array of applications in various industries and can be combined with other auxiliaries for items such as workwear or outdoor textiles.

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Textile dyes

Textile dyes for all industries

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Textile pigments

Textile pigments for your application

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