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Helping colour stick

When printing products, important factors for your customer are the print’s quality and longevity. Our thickeners and binder combinations improve colour fastness and wear from washing. They also reduce printing pastes’ liquidity, maximising their impact on the fabric, ensuring you needn’t use an excessive amount of pigments and dyes.

The Vertexco binders build up a flexible film layer on top of your print, ensuring a protective coat. This further increases wash resistance and colour longevity.

Process aids

There’s more to a process than the end product. We can help you improve your production process with our printing auxiliaries. We offer a range of additives that can improve your printing process by wetting and promoting flow or a process agent for print pastes.

Our machine cleaners ensure all your coating and printing product residues are removed, so you can start a new and possibly different process.


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Binders and ready to use products / compounds

Colour fast & wash resistant 

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Thickeners with long / short rheology

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Runability improving additives

Additives for your printing process

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Machine cleaning agents

Prolong machine life

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