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At your service since 1992

We are Vertexco. Your reliable and sustainable partner in the textile and plastic industry. Let’s power up your textiles and plastics, with dedicated products and solutions. We optimise, we economise.

Boehme Belgium

Vertexco is the successor of the former Boehme Belgium, established in 1992 as a distributor for textile auxiliaries.


We became Vertexco

In 2006, we became an independent company through management buy-out (MBO). With the same team we continue to work in the same market segments and with the same principles as before. It is our main focus to provide customers with the best possible service, quality and shortest lead times. Our factory is located in Menen, Belgium, where we have installed our production and our quality control.

We started our own production

In 2008 Vertexco bought the site in Menen and started its own production.

Avivan was founded

In 2009 Avivan was founded, producing plastic additives. The production was expanded that same year.

We doubled our capacity

In 2011, we doubled our capacity for production and warehouse, which enables us to stock and manipulate a volume of 750 tons in IBC and more than 600 tons in bulk. This will ensure the fastest possible times of delivery.

Vertexco NV announces the partial take-over of SA ETS R.STIERNON

In order to strengthen local representation and to round out our range, Vertexco n.v. announces the take-over of the commercial activities of the Ets Stiernon Company. Ets Stiernon is a manufacturer of auxiliary products and also distributes the Alpasud S.A. dyes in Belgium, the Netherlands and in Germany. Customer relations and smooth, mutual communication are very important to us. That is why we are pleased to inform you of these latest developments at Vertexco. R. Stiernon is a reputable supplier with many years of experience. The company’s primary activity is just the same as ours: the delivery of auxiliary products and dyes for the textile sector. The Stiernon Company has decided to refocus on its original speciality, namely the customer-oriented production of dyes via the company Alpasud in France. The sales and distribution of these dyes and the production of the auxiliaries for the Benelux and Germany are being taken over by Vertexco. More than in a simple take-over, the goal here is the creation of a close cooperation between the companies Alpasud and Vertexco, each contributing its own specific expertise and possibilities. The take-over will not result in any appreciable changes for you, except for the order. The products that you currently purchase from us will in fact continue to be available at the same conditions, but they will now be supplemented with an even wider range of products. Our new structure changes nothing with regard to the fact that we will continue to distribute the dyes from Dystar, as we previously did, on the Belgium market.



We merge Avivan

 In 2018 we decided to officially merge Vertexco and Avivan under the name Vertexco.

we acquire Chemotex

In 2019, we acquired Chemotex. We strengthened Vertexco with Chemotex's 26 years of experience in textile dyes. Through this acquisition, Vertexco also became the distributor of Dr. Petry's auxiliaries for the textile industry.

We built a whole new site

In 2021 we double(d) our production and built a whole new site down the road. We filled it with state of the art production equipment to future-proof our company!