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Plastic Additives

Quality control


Plastic additives contribute to controlling the quality of your plastic-based products. The Vertexco viscosity reducer, for example, helps to lower the viscosity of the plastisol without plasticizing effect.

Another additive that directly helps with producing even results is our plastics de-aerator, which destroys air bubbles that could lead to off spec product. 

Finally, our plastics dispersing agent regulates the distribution of other agents in liquid media, contributing to a high standard of quality in your end product.

Hard to handle?

Need a product to make your plastic more flexible and softer? The Vertexco plasticiser products are what you need. They are used both to decrease friction and viscosity during the production process and to add suppleness to an end product.

Annoyed at the sparks your plastic products are producing? You need our plastics antistatic agent. It reduces electrostatic charge on your production floor as well as providing more comfort for the end user.

Something else troubling you? We can help! 

Take a look at our range of plastic products or contact us for a custom solution

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