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Polyurethane or PU coating are often combined with water resistance products for use in functional textiles. Browse our polyurethane coating products now.

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Avi Pol SPU

Polymeric dispersion for textile coating
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Avi Pol U50

Technical coatings
Coatings with a need to a great flexibility at low temperatures
Flock coatings
Soft mixing component
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Avi Pol U66

Fashionable and function clothes
Technical items and items with flexibility at low temperatures like tarpaulins, tents, backpacks, roller blinds and curtain fabrics, ropes, belts,...
Medium to hard mixing component, flock adhesive • Waterproof coatings with vapor permeability
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Avi Pol U73

Fashionable and functional clothes as rain and working cloths
Technical items (also FR) and items with flexibility at low temperatures like plissé, tarpaulins, tents, backpacks, roller blinds, curtain fabrics, ropes, belts, Velcro tapes, filters etc
Hard mixing component for tack-free paste coating
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