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Optical brightener

Starting with a clean and even base is important. Our optical brighteners improve the colour of all fibre types. They lighten them to a uniform shade of white, ready for further processing or dyeing. How can we help you with optical brighteners?

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Avi White BHT

High substantively Fluorescent brightener with neutral shade for cellulosic fibers. The product is suitable for working by the HT conditions. It is superior in hydrogen peroxide bleaching
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Avi White CLE

Specifically for the whitening of Polyamide and Cellulose if high light fastness is required
Good build-up with high affinity for Polyamide
Good whitening effects on cellulose
Stable in reductive bleach suitable for one bath bleach-whitening of Polymide
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Avi White PB

Optical brightening of polyester and its blends in exhaust and continuous processes
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