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Do you need your product to be completely peroxide-free? Our catalase enzymes remove hydrogen peroxide from textiles. Be prepared, with our high-quality pre-treatment enzymes. For more information about our Avi Zym CSX, contact us now.

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Avi Zym CSX

Peroxide killer based on catalyse enzymes
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Avi Zym CEL

Precleaning of cellulose fibres 
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Peroxide killer based on catalyse enzymes 
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Avi Zym SWE

Good color retention and less cross-staining
Can be used in a broad pH range without negative influence on the activity
No color change after dyeing indicated to be applied before or after the dyeing process
Can be combined with other enzymatic processes like bio scouring or de-sizing for cost optimization
Help to reduce water, energy and processing time versus acid celluloses
Less weight and strength loss - dosable / pumpable liquid 
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