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EVA is a versatile coating product that can build both a soft or hard film on your durable textiles. We have flame retarding options and even a high light fast EVA coating. Need an excellent product for FR treatments? A vinyl acetate or chloride? Vertexco has got you covered. Choose your EVA coating now.

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Avi Pol 2C 46

Medium Soft di- vinyl- chloride. Excellent for FR treatments

Avi Pol VA 43

Vinyl acetate ethylene who builds a soft and elastic film, high light fast

Avi Pol VA 52

Vinyl acetate ethylene; builds a soft and elastic film. Good adhesion properties

Avi Pol VA 78

Vinyl acetate ethylene; builds a hard, dry and clear film. Mainly for stiffening on hard component

Avi Pol VC 48

Vinyl chloride, mainly used for FR- treatments