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After-soaping agents

To get rid of unfixed dye at the end of the process you will need an after-soaping agent. We carry after-soaping agents for various fabric types, such as dispersing soaping agents, washing agents with high dyestuff affinity and wool/PA washing agents. Take a look at our range now.

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Avi Fix SF

Liquid alkali buffer mixture for the fixation of reactive dyeing during cpb process in absence of water glass with Remazol and selected Levafix Dyes.
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Avi Sperse VB

AVI SPERSE VB is used for the following purposes:
    In the scouring, boil-off and bleaching of cotton and their mixtures with synthetic fibres
    As scour-supporting component in all washing and pretreatment liquors
    As a dispersing agent during dyeing of raw cotton with vat and reactive dyestuffs
    As a complexing agent in all scouring and dyeing liquors
    As aftersoaping agent for reactive dyeings
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Avi Wash VFN

Levelling agent with affinity to dyestuff for dyeing Wo an PA fibres with dyestuffs containing sulpho groups
Brightening of dyed goods as well as for aftercleaning and –scouring of dyed material and prints
Scouring / emulsifying agent for the precleaning of fibres, particularly for removing silicone spin finishings from elastane-containing goods
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Avi Wash WPA

Efficient complexing agent and protective colloid for dyeing cotton and blends with vat dyes
Dispersing agent for pigment printing application
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Avi Sperse DEW

Universal leveling and dispersing agent with good cleaning action for the dyeing with ionic dyestuffs
Improves wash an rub fastness of vat dyeing
Leveling and penetrating agent for the dyeing of cellulosic fibers with direct dyestuffs
Universal “problem solver”

GOTS approved
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Product for the removal of oligomer residues from dyeing machines and fibres. 
Alkalizing accelerator for the discontinuous weight reduction of PES fibres (S-finish) and for the discontinuous splitting of bicomponent fibres. 
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Avi Wash ALB

After soaping for cellulosic
Leveling / brightening agent 
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