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Quality management system certificate

Vertexco holds ISO 9001 : 2015 certification for the sale, development, production and supply of chemicals for application in the textile, plastics, construction wood and paper industries



Your advantages

A highly flexible company – that’s us. We don’t just offer innovative products. We identify problems and create solutions that meet your needs. Your requirements are our main priority. You can also count on us for free analysis and advice.

Analysis & advice

Are you encountering a recurring production problem for which you need a solution? Do you recognise the scenario where you are suddenly finding mysterious stains or unsatisfactory side effects of certain production processes? We can help! 


environmental policy

At Vertexco, we recognize the critical importance of preserving and protecting the environment for current and future generations. As stewards of the planet, we are committed to conducting our business operations in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.