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We started our company in 1992 and have been growing ever since. Our main activities: 
  • DyStar and Chemotex dyes distribution
  • Manufacturing & distribution of auxiliaries for textile processes (automotive, technical, geo textiles)
  • Spin finishes for primary and secundaire spinning
  • Manufacturing & distribution of plastic additives (floor and wall covering, extrusion)
  • Custom-made compounds for any application: textile coating, paper, wood
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road construction works

Hierbij willen we jullie op de hoogte brengen dat er vanaf donderdag 08/09/22 wordt gestart met  werken op De Ringlaan / Industrielaan.
Op donderdag 8/9 wordt met de doorsteek gestart.  De verbinding tussen de ringlaan en de Industrielaan wordt afgesloten.  Een omleiding wordt voorzien. 
Nous vous informons par la présente que des travaux de voirie sont prévus à partir du jeudi 08/09/22 au niveau de la Ringlaan/Industrielaan.
Les travaux de mise en place d’un passage débuteront le jeudi 8/9. Le carrefour entre la Ringlaan et l’Industrielaan sera alors barré. Une déviation sera mise en place.
We herewith inform you that road construction works will start on Thursday 08/09/22 in the Ringlaan / Industrielaan.
The interconnecting works will start on Thursday 8/9. The junction between the Ringlaan and the Industrielaan will then be closed. A deviation will be set.
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Our focus

“When we get a request for a specific additive, our focus is on how to make and deliver the optimal product for our client. It’s not just the product that takes priority, but the customer’s wishes as well. We explore each client’s needs and come up with first-class solutions, every time.” 

Stefaan Vercruysse, CEO Vertexco

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Your advantages

A highly flexible company – that’s us. We don’t just offer innovative products. We identify problems and create solutions that meet your needs. Your requirements are our main priority. You can also count on us for free analysis and advice.

Analysis & advice

Are you encountering a recurring production problem for which you need a solution? Do you recognise the scenario where you are suddenly finding mysterious stains or unsatisfactory side effects of certain production processes? We can help!